Dawn (Pegah)
Catalog no. Kereshmeh Records KCD-108


Santur by Parviz Meshkatian
Tombak by Nasser Farhangfar
Tombak by Jamshid Mohebi

Cover Art by Farshid Mesghali


"... JACKPOT! ..."
(Cliff Furnald, CMJ September 1996)

"Highly Recommended"
(The Bookwatch, October 1995)

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Parviz Meshkatian and Nasser Farhangfar - Dawn


Parviz Meshkatian is one of the most influential composers and santur players of Iran. The first half of this recording features Meshkatian's astounding technique and musicality in a moving and powerful performance in Segah, and the second part features his soft, haunting and contemplative gestures in Homayoun. The masterful accompaniment of Nasser Farhangfar on tombak is rhythmically innovative and musically graceful.

Meshkatian writes:
"The music of a culture, just like its language, goes through social and regional changes. The evolution is first brought about by the necessities of the society and later analyzed. Tradition is not a concrete and predefined concept, however, the needs of a society in the passage of history change what is perceived as old or new. Therefore, the traditional music of a region will survive fruitfully not only when it expresses the current state of its people, but also when it is capable of shedding light on future paths. This is the traditional or classical musician's responsibility."